Exploring the opportunities of Artificial Intelligence in
HR, Marketing and Fintech


Move beyond inspiration: get things going

Hollywood promised us a future filled with flying cars and evil robots in ... 2000. Instead we got a millennium bug and a new currency. Today we are living in a world where devices, cars and people are connected. Where AI is powering the self-driving car, where algorithms are influencing the scenario of Netflix series. A world dominated by a Facebook timeline, controlled by machines. The impact of Artificial Intelligence on the world is huge, and during this seminar, we'll inspire you and help you define how you can take advantage of these technologies in your business. The future is not tomorrow, the future is now. 





Futurist and author


vincent vanderbeck

Founder & manager at Comma Group

Bert van wassenhove

Digital expert



There are four business areas we want to shed a light on, by organizing separate tracks. We have chosen areas that will soon see a new range of possibilities emerge thanks to technology.


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